Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Fun in the CLE

I've said it here loads of times, but there is so much to do in the Cleveland area. Love this town. Saturday, we enjoyed the Farmer's Market in Shaker Heights. Made a little trip into Little Italy for those wonderful cinnamon stars from Presti's Bakery. Then checked out the RIPE! Festival at the Botanical Gardens. Here's my two darlings having fun - and it's root beer. Although Hubs and I were enjoying a nice brew.

After squeezing in a long run Sunday morning, the girls and I checked out a new playground. Bridget is always on the lookout for the next, best, most awesome-est playground out there. We hit the jackpot. As an added bonus, there was a huge hill for rolling down. This was Bridget's first time to enjoy this rackous good time and I had so much fun showing her how. That is...until she asked to do it again! Ahhh, was the second time rolling down that hill that I thought I was going to hurl. I tried standing up, but could only muster the cow pose on my hands and knees...then I toppled over like a sorority girl who needed to be taken home at the end of the evening. Phew, that second "roll" took a couple hours of recovery time, but it's all good now!

No matter how old I get, I never progress past the age of 12!

Hope your weekend was just as fun!


  1. Love those cute faces! Although I too have lost my ability to spin, tumble, whirl around in any type of circular motion (call it late-onset virtigo virtego? vertigo? the heck do ya spell it?-- I always feel like I am going to hurl) I too have never quite felt like I left the age of 12. I keep telling my kids "I feel the same on the inside as I did when I was 12, it's just the outside that changes."

  2. Amen to fun in Cleveland. Akron's not too shabby either. Cheers!