Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun in Fargo

Well, that was short (that's what she said!).

My flight schedule from Cleveland to Denver to Fargo was unbelievably lucky. Normally, I find United frustrating, but everything worked out perfectly THIS TIME. I was originally supposed to have a 2.5 hour layover in Denver, which would be ok since they have a New Belgium Brewery bar/restaurant near my gate. I could kick back, have a Shift beer, relax....on second thought, probably not the best thing to do the night before a race. My plane from Cleveland arrived a little early and the earlier flight from Denver to Fargo (which my sister-in-law was on) was delayed. With Kim's help delaying the gate attendant and my clumsy run from B33 to B89, I was able to make the earlier connection and be the last person boarding the plane!

Let me tell you, Fargo is a sleepy little town. It's experiencing massive growth due to the natural gas and oil industries, but at 8:00 p.m. no one was to be found. Fortunately, we found an Old Chicago Pizza place near our hotel, had a pretty darn good pizza, a really good pint and relaxed before checking in.

Race Morning. Kim is the perfect race partner. Totally relaxed, loves a good breakfast, and doesn't get stressed out about races. Heck, she hadn't made up her mind whether she was running the half marathon or the 10k until the start line! She went with the 10k, as did I, and with her help I was able to shave almost 30 seconds off my previous 10k and earn a PR at 1:02:38 according to the official results! Woohoo! I have to admit that I wished I was better shape because I really believe I could have hit the one hour mark if I had more than one training run each week. But I'm happy with the effort I had.

The race itself was terribly boring and uneventful. It was advertised as going through some of Fargo's newer neighborhoods and I was a bit excited about seeing more of Fargo. I was thinking like Tremont, Ohio City, Gordon Arts like we have here. Nope, NEWER neighborhoods meant NEW HOMES not yet finished. We literally snaked in and out of new developments on a concrete trail.

The finish line was funny because they passed out bottled water and beef sticks. Beef sticks! You can imagine the smell at the finish line! I love a good beef jerky so I held on to mine and shared it with Jameson (my black lab) when I got home. We finished inside the Scheels Hockey Arena, which was cool. In the vendor area, they served peanuts with candy corn in cups, hot chicken noodle soup, oatmeal cookies, apples and bananas. Pretty nice finish treats.

We stopped at the Smiling Moose for a great little brunch, dashed back to the hotel to quickly pack and clean up, then off to the airport to head home.

Thanks, Kim, for your motivating during the race and for helping me check off our 46th state!

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