Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outstanding Weekend in the CLE

So many fun memories this weekend. It was Megan's first weekend home from college. To say we were excited to see her would be an understatement. To say she was excited would also be a huge understatement. She and Bridget had some great sister time together (translation: slept in and watched TV), then the girls met Greg and I for lunch.

The Friday night activity rocked! Like...really. We bought the family package for rock climbing in Peninsula. Bridget was like a spider monkey climbing the wall and hardly took a break...which explains her falling asleep in my lap at Winking Lizard BEFORE her food came! Greg quickly took to the more intermediate walls as he has climbed before. And Megan and I enjoyed learning how to belay. Surprisingly, I quickly picked up knot tying. I think we'll make this a "family date night" with some regularity.

Saturday was another awesome day starting with a visit to the West Side Market for fruits, veggies and meats, and Meg got her favorite apple fritter to take back to school. Brunch was around the corner at the Tremont Tap House. Greg ordered the mussels and fries, which would normally seem gross to me. It was freaking amazing. The fries were soaking in a beer broth with fresh bacon and crumbled bleu cheese. Yum!

Cleveland has such a kick ass culinary scene. Dinner was Meg's choice so she chose Momocho (so she could take back a container of their salsa verde). We had a chance to tell Eric Williams how wonderful his restaurant is, as well as how awesome he's been to do so much for Cleveland chefs. Two funny moments in the car on the ride back home. First was listening to Bridget and Megan singing at the top of their lungs to Taylor Swifts, "We Are Never Getting Back Together." Listening to the laugh and try to outdo each other made my heart warm. Second amazing thing was when Bridget asked Megan if she was still seeing Danny. Meg said No. Bridget responded, "Let me make this clear. You are way better than Danny!" What? Did I just hear my 5-year-old give out sage advice?! We all laughed a lot over that comment!

Sunday, I was able to squeeze in an easy 7-mile run while Greg, Bridget and Megan attended the Browns game. And how great was it that they got to see a WINNING game?!

Wonderful (and very full) weekend, but wish I had my pumpkin home longer!

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