Monday, October 8, 2012

West Side Market 100th Celebration

For braving the cold and the rain, we were treated to some of the best food and drink Ohio City had to offer! Ever since we moved to Cleveland 9 years ago, we spend nearly every Saturday morning at the WSM picking up fresh pork from Dionne's, fabulously strong coffee from Urban Roasters, fresh pasta and pierogies, an occasional cupcake or brownie from Cake, while never missing a single aisle. We also believe in supporting the Ohio City independent restaurants like Bar Cento, Market Garden Brewery, GLBC, Flying Fig and Old Angle. Ohio City is a wonderful food community and makes us proud to be a part of this great town!

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  1. My wife and I almost decided to brave the rain, but ultimately decided to spend a rare day off together at home. We love the WSM! Sounds like we missed a great time. Cheers!