Thursday, January 9, 2014

Half Ironman Training - New Year

After coming off some serious knee pain caused by painting two large rooms, I am back to feeling my old self. Phew!

Training is going well.  I am all kinds of exhausted trying to swim, bike and run.  Swimming is where I need to make the most significant strides. I am swimming 1,000 yards right now (slowly) and plan to sign up for a master's swim group to work with swimmers who can help me improve.  I have to say that being in the water feels so good...but it's resulting in a need for napping!

Biking on the trainer is boring as crap.  I've been watching cheesy movies to help the time go by, but no knee pain so I'm not going to complain one bit!

And running I love.  We invested in a good treadmill, which is helping eliminate any cold weather excuses.  Plus, I've been listening to a different album each time I run to make the time go by.  So far, I've been enjoying Eminem's new album, Red Hot Chili Peppers 2012 concert in Cleveland, and the Avett Brothers.  Love singing out loud (family not loving this as much as me!) to make those miles go by better.

If you have any tips to make those miles and training more enjoyable during these cooped-up winter months, please let me know!

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