Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Newest Fitness Obsession: Pure Barre

A Pure Barre facility opened near where I live about a year ago, and I had been wanting to try it out for quite some time.  I finally made the time and took a class together with my oldest daughter.  Guess what? I loved it! And so did she.  Never before had I enjoyed a workout like I did at Pure Barre and I couldn't believe all the muscle groups/body parts that were targeted.  I thought getting out of bed the next morning would be tough, but it was actually day 2 that challenged me the most.  Oh, and when I sneezed,  I felt my abs ripping apart or coming loose or something equally as dramatic.

The instructor was perhaps the best part of the overall experience.  She greeted Meg and I first asking if we had taken one of their classes before. She explained everything with a smile, helped get our equipment, showed us to a space and then kept touching base with us during the class.  It wasn't overkill either - it was much appreciated.

The class is fast-paced set to music and incorporates varying moments of working all leg muscles, glutes, arms, shoulders and abs....lots of abs.  After working each of the targeted groups, you take a moment to stretch and relax.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it after the first 12 minutes, but then found myself forgetting the time and really enjoying the experience.

Not only will I be back, but I've scheduled myself for 3 additional classes and plan to attend one class every week as part of my strength training for the upcoming half ironman.  As a girl with occasional knee problems, I loved that Pure Barre focuses more on building core strength and balance without all the jarring involved by exercises like plyometrics.

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