Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10k Rowing Challenge

One of the blogs I read regularly is Ironmom. She challenged her group to row 10k. I had previously only rowed 500-800m in a single seating so I thought I would take on this challenge as well. During my lunch period (it's not fair to call it a lunch hour since I have to subtract 25 minutes for drive time, undressing then dressing again) I rowed 1600m followed by 400m run then tackled another 1600m row and 400m run before my time was up. My arms dangled by my side most of the afternoon! Surprisingly, I rowed faster on the second mile than the first. Rowing provides such an excellent full body workout targeting arms, abs and legs. So I'm taking on this challenge and I look forward to posting in the next few weeks that I reached the 10k mark.

This "rowing" picture from a CrossFit workout back in April. I'm in the gray shirt/white headband. Greg is on the far right in yellow. And I am quite sure there's a pile of sweat somewhere in the picture!

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