Friday, January 22, 2010

I Have Nothing to Wear

My husband once asked me, "At what age do they teach you girls that phrase". I had been sorting through my closet for something to wear to a party - probably a casual one even - and I uttered those 5 words every man hates to hear - "I have nothing to wear". A closetful of clothes and I had nothing (I wanted) to wear. Even Beyonce has those moments. Well, my daughter has now uttered those very same cringe-worthy words...and I now must act. Because I know that feeling. The feeling that has you searching online for the perfect party/winter formal dress. That causes you to window shop until you no longer care to see another dress again. That causes to resist buying another little black dress because EVERYONE wears an LBD....but not me...not this time. So this weekend my challenge will include squeezing in a long run (which is my shorter event, if you will) and finding the perfect dress for my daughter who has nothing to wear (what I shall refer to as the real endurance race). I'm exhausted already!

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