Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brrrrr with a Capital "B"

The yak trax were dusted off and put to good use for a New Year's Eve 5-miler. The temps hovered between 38-40 degrees which, compared to my Saturday run, felt downright tropical. As if wearing yak trax wasn't enough to remind me I lived in the winter storm belt, today I also had to pull out the gator. was stop-you-in-your-tracks cold! I originally had an 18-mile run on the agenda, but it was cut down to a 14-mile run after I had freezing buns and thighs. I'm not sure I've ever been so cold before. I had to stop 3 times just to get some heat and circulation in my fingers. In spite on all my "layering", it wasn't enough to beat the wind chill. When I got home, I checked which reported the temps as -3 with the windchill! Even after a long, hot shower, I was still unable to warm up from within. Megan had the best idea (impractical and not affordable, but the best nonetheless). She suggested hopping a flight to Florida and doing my long run after landing. If only it were that easy!

Look closely - there's 5 deer just staring at me while I was 3 miles into my run - simply a beautiful sight to see!

Hope you stayed warm today!

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