Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Snow Fiesta

Today I had to get in my long run. I "thought" about doing it Saturday, but the winds and snow accumulation pretty much sent me back into a curled up ball on the couch with a blanket and piping hot cup of coffee. That, and I decided to go to yoga instead - HOT Powerful Flow Yoga...emphasis on the HOT. I have to say this week's workouts left me feeling positive about training and, if all goes well (no injuries or boredom), I'm pretty sure I will stick with this line-up.

Workouts for the week included:

Monday - Stretch and Strengthen day with 3 rounds each of 20 squats, 20 situps, and 20 tricep dips.

Tuesday - Speed workout with 1/2 mile warmup followed by 4 sets of 800m at 8:49 pace (6.8 mph) and 400 recovery between each at 4.2mph, Total distance: 3.5 miles.

Wednesday - Swimming 500m. It always feels good to be in the pool, especially in the middle of the day (except for the heavy chlorine scent in my hair).

Thursday - Tempo run. Ran 3 miles at an average pace 6.2mph or 9:40 in 29:04! This is huge for me. My rosy cheeks were full of color at work for close to 2 hours. I couldn't have been happier!

Friday - rest.

Saturday - 1 hour Hot Powerful Flow Yoga at Inner Bliss. I tried out a new teacher, Shannon Sabol. She had an entirely different style and music preferences. I learned a couple new poses that I hadn't tried before. My chautaurungas are improving, but I still need to work on my warrior poses as my quads need to gain more strength. Afterwards, I did some strength training consisting of 3 reps of 8 with 9 pound weights of stork stand, side-step squat with row, reverse lunge with T raise and one set of pilates hundred.

Sunday - 10 snow-packed, but sunny, miles with puppy. Jameson led the entire way and was oblivious to the chunks of ice lining his hindquarters! It was a good run as I finished 2 hours in yak trax and 20 degree weather. Phew, glad that's out of the way. My quads were screaming the entire run compliments of too many warrior poses on Saturday.

After my long run, my girls and I enjoyed some quality time at the library, picked up Julie & Julia for a little chick-flick night in lieu of super bowl watching, then took our books to Starbucks to enjoy a nicely-earned Caramel Macchiato.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is refreshed to conquer Monday!

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