Monday, February 15, 2010

Fairytales and Frogs - An Afternoon at the Zoo

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opened the Rainforest to a day of Fairytales and Frogs. Kids were encouraged to dress as princesses or fairytale characters and, of course, we did! Bridget was able to put her Sleeping Beauty costume to yet one more use! And I'm not sure who enjoyed the day more - Bridget got to see swimming turtles and a crocodile - Meg enjoyed the snakes and frogs and I enjoyed seeing bats in the dark hanging upside down (although I don't want to see them outside of the zoo). Afterwards, we capped off our "girls day out" at Prestis for baked goodies and yummy lattes. It was a wonderful way to spend a Monday holiday!

Bridget and Megan on the second floor of the Rainforest exhibit

Bridget watching the Macaw - and the anteater (which left the picture as I snapped it)

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  1. Robin, thanks for the welcome! I'm not sure I had read your blog before but I'm really excited to add it to my Reader and see your progress with the 50 states... such a cool journey, and I'm definitely jealous that you get to do it all with your family!