Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Snowy Week of Training

Puppy and I did 12 miles today - a new personal best for him. Of course, he's laying on my bed right now and doesn't show any interest in moving. Didn't really get in much cross-training this week, but I did get in a speed workout, a tempo run, a long run and each day I made a point of doing a pilates hundred each day. I'm finally able to do a 100 without breaking it up into 2-50s.

Tues- speed workout. 1/2 mile warmup followed by 4 sets of 800m at graduated pace 6.5, 6.6, 6.7and 6.8mph and 400m recovery between each at 4.2 mph. with 1/2 mile cooldown  Total distance 4.0 miles.

Thurs - tempo run with hills and 3 rounds of 8 each of stork lift, reverse lunges and side squats with row using 9# weights. My glutes were screaming at me Friday.

Sunday - 12 mile long run at 2:21 a personal best training run for me and puppy. I kept an even pace for the first 8 miles and, since I still felt good, I kicked up the last 4 miles a bit and finished feeling really good. Stretched when I got home.

Might squeeze in yoga later today or maybe the 6 am class. Looking forward to Greg's famous valentine's day tacos!

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