Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Heart You, Miami!

Wednesday was my birthday. Since I am over 21 (and can drink legally) and over 25 (and can rent a car), birthdays are just another day, but with red velvet cupcakes (my ABSOLUTE favorite). But this one is different - THIS one was wayyyy different. THIS one included a trip to Miami with just the husband. The short story: I got in a nice run along the Miami shoreline, a deep tissue massage, a good meal, great drinks, met a fantastic bartender and had shots with some interesting characters, a missed early AM yoga class (damn you, Patron XO), a nice walk on South Beach, a tattoo, and topped off the evening with 10pm room service for dinner we almost missed. A mere 48 hours in Miami and a lifetime of giggles and memories with the husband! As if 60 degree weather wasn't absofuckinglutely wonderful enough, both Greg and I scored upgrades to first class on Continental! Now back to mountains of snow ... blech!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had so much fun - what a great adventure!!!

  2. What tattoo? George is noticing a bit more of your "salty" language in this post ;)