Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Good Week of Running

I'm happy with all I was able to squeeze in this week and I'm looking forward to longer daylight hours (minutes) in the evening so I can increase my workout length. Plus, I can add Bridget to my rotation of running partners. So the recap:

Monday - rest.
Tuesday - speed workout of 4 sets of 800m at 6.5mph with 400m recovery at 4.2mph. With warmup, intervals and cool down, I finished 4 miles.
Wednesday - strength which included th 10+1 workout (situps/pushups) and 3 sets of 10 of squats and tricep dips.
Thursday - tempo run of 3 miles at 6.0mph.
Friday - rest.
Saturday - hodge-podge mix of 6 snowy miles in Peninsula on trails and towpath with Greg accompanying me on his mountain bike. He was a trooper because it was a miserable ride of thick snow with uneven patches and ice. Afterwards, we enjoyed ourselves with a couple wonderful microbrews at the Winking Lizard. He had this full body cherry stout and I had a Two Brothers Bitter End IPA. I will have to add Two Brothers to my list of attractions when visiting Chicago.
Sunday - 10 miles on Metroparks all-purpose trail with Megan riding alongside me and puppy taking the lead.

Best of all, I had fun this week in my workouts and I'm looking forward to squeezing in an early morning yoga session tomorrow!

Hope you had a wonderful week to review and an even better weekend!

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  1. I need to add sit-ups/push-ups to my week! Or at least quit the Girl Scout and AJ's cookie diet that I lived on this past week.

    Proud to have run my first 9 miles on Saturday!!