Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Balanced Week of Workouts

Getting back to a running routine, while nursing this nagging knee pain, has been slow. But I did manage to eek out my highest weekly mileage since the Rhode Island race in mid November. By "high", I mean 10.5 miles running/snowshoeing. I did mix this in with 17 miles on the bike. Yay for me for at least not being dormant!

And the snowshoes are awesome. I bought Redfeather Race Snowshoes 25". They're lightweight and easy to run in after getting used to them. Greg and I took the dogs out while testing the shoes on the snowpacked trails and I loved them. They slice through the thick snow well, but I do feel the legs getting quite the workout. I'll keep up the practice as I have a snowshoe race coming up in February!

1 comment:

  1. I have snow shoes but not "racing" snow shoes. Does it make a huge difference? My regular shoes are lightweight and were not cheap. I don't think I'd buy another pair anyhow so it'd probably be like racing in hiking boots.