Monday, January 24, 2011

Southern Tier Microbrewery Tour

This past weekend, husband and I toured the Southern Tier Microbrewery in Lakewood, New York. And being the fantastic examples of parenting, we took our almost 4-year-old along. Afterall, in her 42 months of life, she has developed quite the palate. The Southern Tier Brewery is quite the find! For you Clevelanders, you're probably familiar with their Pumpking or Krampus. I had the great fortune of testing 6 different beers, taking a tour and coming away with a wonderful "juice" glass. We even picked up our first growler of Gemini IPA. Super duper strong ale, that's for sure. I'm also looking forward to cooking with their Chokolat and Porter. They were absolutely yummy during the tour. I also loved the small group informal tours they conduct. There was probably 20 of us - and you could tell by the joking that everyone appreciated a good beer and loved to talk about it. For $8.50/pp, the tour was the best way to spend a Saturday evening.

It's a great day trip being just 2.5 hours from Cleveland (1/2 hour east of Erie, PA). Although after imbibing in their generous pours of six beers, you might want to stay at some kind of roadside lodging.

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip and tour. Southern Tier always has some interesting flavors. Though, I feel like some are a little too sweet for my tastes. Cheers!