Friday, January 28, 2011

A Red Letter Holiday

I'm not a traditional or mushy kind of girl, but I do love all the red around Valentine's Day. It could be because of the excitement as kids getting a shoebox full of Valentines at school, or maybe it's the marshmallow valentine heart peeps giving me that wonderful sugar high, or waking up to a Valentine card at my seat at the kitchen table each February 14 morning growing up. And even though we celebrate Valentine's Day with a simple homemade taco dinner at my casa nowadays, I still enjoy the fun and whimsy that the February holiday brings.

Lately, I've been enjoying Etsy and came across these "non-traditional" (i.e., not chocolates or flowers) kind of Valentines. Thought I would share my neat finds :)

A simple sign for the Jimmy Stewart in you (come on, everyone loves him!)

Of course, mine would read R+G, what a sweet, old fashioned sign of affection.

My kind of valentine card (trash mouth AND nerdy!)

So whether you celebrate with wine, roses and chocolates (you uncreative person, you) or you give your man a 6-pack of man roses (beer!), I hope you find some enjoyment with this red letter month!

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas - there is a sign in our future - the shifting of furniture opened up a perfect spot to hang!

    I picked up a cute cute pillow for MoMo at BayCrafters - some darling stuff in their right now (and great jewerly and pottery too)...