Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

Earlier in January I bought a new racing swimsuit. It was on clearance and my old one had gone through all the pallette combinations of a Sherwin Williams paint sample and now needed to be discarded. So this week, I figured I would break in my new Speedo suit. I love where I work out because I am ALWAYS the youngest person - including in the pool. It's me and the three old men. They pool walk back and forth and I wish like hell I could hear what they're saying. There's times I just want to join in and start walking and bobbing along. Even more fun than that, I get to see them underwater with their super baggy swim trunks wondering if they're changing into their Sansabelt Men's Comfort slacks when finished.

Before I got into the pool today, I saw an older lady gliding along in the pool. I thought, "Oh, she's not going fast. Just enjoying a nice swim." You guessed it. She blew me away. It had been the first time I suited up this year, but she totally chic'd me. I must work on this thing called swimming...

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