Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Day

We celebrated my birthday at one of my favorite Cleveland restaurants, Momocho. It's owned by Eric Williams and has the best mod mex cuisine, amazing guacamole, yummy maragaritas. But the best part is dessert - the Patron XO...Mmmmm. Now that's what I call a great way to end a meal. Last year, we celebrated at his other restaurant, Happy Dog, where we enjoy hot dogs, tater tots, and tall PBRs (classy, I know). Afterwards, we all shared some red velvet cupcakes to finish off a fun night of celebrating Robin hitting another race age bracket. And hopefully the new Garmin I received for my birthday will help me kick ass in this new age bracket!


  1. What a fabulous photo! So glad you had a wonderful birthday with your awesome family :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Very cute picture. Mexican food is one of my favorites! And I find it to be the perfect recovery food after a long run--All those beans and rice and tortillas and cheese and guacamole...mmmmmmmm. Congrats too on getting clearance to start running again. That's a great birthday present (as is that new garmin--so jealous!!!)