Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Race Travel

In the March 2011 issue of Running Times, Rachel Toor writes about Race Travel. The timing of this article couldn't be more perfect. A friend asked her if she could recommend a "picturesque" race like somewhere in Italy so he could bring his wife on the trip. Like a race-cation, if you will. But she goes on to write:

"Why is it that whenever I plan to travel anywhere, before I make hotel or plane reservations, I poke around to see if there are any races? Marathons are the best, especially if they're on trails, but gnarly, nasty ultras that will surely leave me bloody and bruised are good too. Even shorter distances, if they're boutique-y and unusual, will suffice. There's something in me that says that if I'm going to travel, I should race." She read my mind. I am guilty of doing this and my husband even calls me out on it. He'll ask if I want to join him on a work trip and I will actually search google first to see if there's a good race going on. If not, I generally pass.

Is anyone else guilty of turning a vacation into a race-cation? Or at least guilty of maybe googling a town just in case there's a race going on at the same time?

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  1. Before long, you'll be leaving old lady in your wake. Go youth!