Friday, February 18, 2011

Mind on My Money and Money on My Mind

My family makes fun of my inability to know song titles as well as my "creative" song lyrics.

For example, while we were in Denver a couple weeks ago, I saw a 7-11 Store across from our hotel. I turned to Greg and said there's a song with 7-11 in the lyrics. I could see the look on his face - the look of "crap, she's going to MAKE me guess this song." So I sang 7-11, 7-11 (as if that helped?!). Less than 5 minutes later, Greg shakes his head and says it's Ice Cube. Yes! Today was a good day!

So today, my daily Etsy email announcement arrived in the inbox. One of the featured artists has a sign Mind on My Money and Money on My mind. Damn. I know this. I. KNOW. THIS. but I could use Greg to confirm it, but he was in mid-air on a plane. Gotta be Dre. But knowing my history for screwing up lyrics (take me down to the bare ass city), I googled it just in case. And yes, I was right. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Now I'm off to iTunes to add this one to my running mix!

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  1. bare ass city, lmao. :) I think goofing lyrics is perfectly normal, and I could be very guilty of the same thing.