Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can I Seriously Be Tired?

Running is becoming more regular again. You would think this would be good news, but I have turned into THAT runner who is training for their very first 5k. You know the runner - the one who thinks a long run is the race distance. The runner who has tight quads from a 3-miler. The runner who returns to the house wanting a rubdown like an underperforming boxer! Jeez, can this have happened to me? I have a 4-miler on tap this weekend - let the whining begin! Now where did I put my icy hot?!

Today's guilty pleasure: Pitbull. Great music for running. Best of all, the librarian asked me, "Is Pitbull one word or two?" Yes, I get my music from the library. I'm THAT runner, too.


  1. ha! love that you get your tunes from the library. i used to have a steady relationship with the librarian that rented me free movies every week :)


  2. You'll snap back to longer distances before you know it. I'm so with ya on the music guilty pleasure...i just downloaded that j.Lo/Pittbull yesterday and put it on my iPod. :-)