Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Back My Mojo

At the risk of sounding very Austin Powers-ish (yeah, Baby), I am getting my mojo back...my running mojo, that is. I have now run (or is it ran) three times and everything just feels right. I've been following the schedule outlined by my physical therapist, which requires only 24 minutes of running for the first two weeks on alternating days using a run/walk formula, which changes with each run. I started out walking 4 minutes, running 2 minutes 4 times. I'm now at 2 minutes walking, 4 minutes running and should be hitting one minute walking with 10 minutes running by the weekend. I find that I'm running comfortably, with no knee pain. My legs feel more engaged so I'm guessing that means less stress on the knees. Love love love getting back to what I know and enjoy!

So, really, Boston Athletic Association? You have to break my spirit by making the qualifying times THAT MUCH HARDER. And, even if the sun shines just right and the rainbows come out with their pot of gold, and I actually qualify...I will be one of the slower finishers. Based upon the graduated scale, I don't have a shot in hell of acceptance. But that's ok. I'll knock off the State of Massachusetts by running the Cape Cod Dunkin Donuts marathon. I'm sure the post-race food will be amazing!


  1. Eh, forget Boston. That race isn't so great anyway. Glad to hear the running mojo is coming back. Cheers!

  2. Not that I have ever done Boston but I say NYC is the way to go :)

    Glad things are clicking - go Robin go!

  3. Congrats on running again. Must feel good. I say forget Boston too. There's a lot of other great races out there.

  4. Thanks everyone! So many great races out there - it's nice we have so many other options to get our PRs!