Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Must Part Ways, Mr. Winter

As much as I've enjoyed our relationship, Mr. Winter, I think we both need a break. No, it doesn't mean our relationship is over. It's just time for both of us to move on. I have found Mr. Spring. I saw him last week - briefly. But that brief encounter just made me realize that I like him better...for now. But don't worry. Come holiday season, I'm going to want to spend time with you again. And maybe, just maybe, we can rebuild our relationship. But for now, I want sunshine and rainbows.

I enjoyed another good trail run. Karen and I tackled Salt Run and Lake Trail. It was a decent effort, running most of the time and just walking the hills. But it was freaking cold and I'm really getting tired of always having to wear running gloves, two layers of shirts, vest, and a toboggan. I look forward to running without ear covering! Winter in Cleveland this year was just unkind. Of course, looking at this week's temps, we still have two days calling for snow. Damn you, March. But April is greeting us with 45 degrees. Wait...isn't that April fool's? Could that be a cruel joke?

Today's guilty pleasure: Starburst. Each of us have a favorite flavor. As the mom, I'm at the bottom of the pecking order in selecting which color I get. Bridget gets pink. Meg gets yellow. I just don't care for red so that leave me with orange.

What's your favorite Starburst flavor or do you have a candy that you eat only by color?


  1. Can't wait to run without wearing three layers. I actually had to wear a face mask I like all Starburst flavors.

  2. It is again sunny gorgeous outside but COLD!! ack!!

    Thanks for the fun yesterday. Not a starburst gal but i will bribe my kids for any Payday that comes in the house...