Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whew, Did That Weekend Fly By or What

Quite a diverse and multitasking weekend. I managed to sew curtains and pillows and make a Disney-size princess happy on Saturday. Spent a little time at Anthropologie with the older one and all of us enjoyed a ridiculously good burger at the B-Spot. Sunday, was my morning Om time. I joined a friend and a rowdy bunch of girls for a trail run clinic and 3.5 mile romp through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. What a great group of girls. Even better was the post-run trip of a private shopping experience for all the runners who attended this Grunt Girl-sponsored clinic/run at Vertical Runner. I scored a half-price Patagonia lightweight long-sleeve running shirt (may even become my "going out shirt" - you know you have a dressy running shirt...come on), a pair of running socks and a new flavor of CLifBar.

The weekend flew by, but in a good way.

Best of all, I'm back in double digits for running. With no pain. I managed to eek out a 3 miler on Wednesday, a 4 miler on Friday afternoon, and 3.5 miles today. By my simple math, I chocked up 10.5 miles. Considering I logged in a whopping 11.2 miles during the entire month of February, if all goes well I should double that number in March and be back to normal business in April. I think what I'm looking forward to most is completing a simple 10-mile run on a Saturday morning and meeting my daughter for coffee afterwards. That's my normal.

Today's guilty pleasure: Hands down, red velvet cupcakes at Main Street Cupcakes. And to shower the wonder of Main Street Cupcakes on my family, I brought everyone home a Reece cupcake made with little reece's inside. Mmmmm....

Did your weekend go quickly, too?


  1. I scored an awesome half-zipper Nike wicking pull-over at a second-hand shop and have worn it out twice with my jeans... lol what? it looks awesome with jeans. My weekend went by too fast too. :-(

  2. There is a specialty cupcake store in our area and, I'm afraid, we are becoming junkies. We are very near rummaging through their garbage in the off hours to feed ourselves.

  3. Congrats on the double digit run! I think red velvet cupcakes are the PERFECT way to celebrate :)