Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Local

Northeastern Ohio has an amazing running community with loads of wonderful race opportunities. Since the United/Continental merger hasn't exactly been beneficial to Cleveland frequent fliers, I have a new-found opportunity to run local races. So after a little time on the Hermes Cleveland website as well as Summit Athletic Running Club, here's my preliminary line-up (subject to change if airfares actually reach reasonable rates!):

RAINN Trail Run - April 30. This will be my first event with Grunt Girl Racing!

Cleveland Rite-Aid 10k - May 15. I ran the half last year and loved this event.

Lula 5k - June 5 to benefit Girls with Sole

Winking Lizard Shot in the Dark - July 16. I've always wanted to run this race, but as luck would have it, we've always been out of town on that date.

Buckeye Half Marathon - last weekend in August. I've run over 40 races and I have never gotten a hooded sweatshirt as race schwag!

Do you have any interesting local races lined up this year?

Today's guilty pleasure: Hershey's kisses in dark chocolate. Meg's boyfriend gave her a ridiculous amount of these for valentine's day and I've been eating 3 of them EVERY night as my "dessert" and I love them. So thank you, Danny!

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