Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving My Training Partner - Garmin

Sunday, I gave speedwork a try. Is that even the right word, "try"? Hmmm...whatever. I ran my ass off in my own little mind. I started out with a nice one mile warm-up followed by 4x400m intervals. I "tried" to go a little faster than 10k pace and I felt good about my four intervals. I hit each one around 2:02-2:04. Might sound slow to you, but I was buzzed about it. I'd like to break two minutes, obviously, but for my first venturing this year, I'll take it and build off of it. I couldn't believe how heavy the legs felt on the first one, how good the legs felt on 2 and 3, and how 4 couldn't come soon enough?! Boy, have I missed that feeling! I have a 10k coming up in 30 days and I'm hoping to hit a 9:30 pace so I can finish sub one hour. I finished my speed workout by logging in another 2 miles post-speedwork and kept a 9:40-9:50 pace.

What I'm really loving is the focus that Garmin gives. Before, I would log in 11-ish minute miles and feel good, thinking (sometimes foolishly) that I could run 10-minute miles during races. I love the instant feedback that Garmin gives me and I'm finding I'm getting more and more competitive while training. I actually get a little bothered when I go over 10s. I'm also finding out that keeping below 10 is not overly exerting me, which I think means it's where I should be. Garmin's also driving me nuts because I can't end a workout on 3.99 miles. Are you f-ing kidding me, I've got to end on an even 4. *sigh*

Today's guilty pleasure: Easter candy. Today, I sampled a mini Reese egg (not the normal, yummy-sized egg), a Starburst, and a hershey's kiss in the pastel wrapper. If Peeps were within striking distance, I would have ravished through them as well. Love me some Easter candy!

On a final note, Way to Go Elizabeth on your Boston Marathon finish!

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  1. Good job on the speed training. I really hate it but it really does help. I still don't own a would probably help my training a lot. Which one did you get? I am thinking just a basic model would suffice for me, but maybe getting one that does the heart rate would be good too?