Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Do at OU

While talking to a very dear friend on Thursday, she mentioned that Ohio University (our alma mater) was having a Spring Reunion featuring I Do at OU at Galbraith Chapel for married couples who either met at Ohio University or got married at OU. As luck would have it, we had a free weekend. And since we both graduated from OU and met at OU, it was a must-do on my weekend list. On a whim, I signed us up and off we went on Saturday.

We arrived early enough to do all the cheesy back-to-college-campus stuff. Drove past our old houses (slum cottages to some), checked out some of the old bars (I still need to replenish my "I Get High at the CI" plastic cups), drove the three main streets in Athens - Court, State and West Union. We also stopped by Meg's old elementary school for some playground time (all of us) and visited a new place - Fluff - for some yummy goodness. Of course, Meg and I stopped to get the to-go coffee at Donkey (favorite coffeehouse maybe ever).

Then all four of us walked to Galbraith Chapel. Not sure of what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised. I met my friend, Anne, and her husband, who were also doing the same cheesy thing. We said our "I do's" at 18:04 (year college was founded) and toasted champagne in OU-engraved flutes while snacking on mini-cupcakes. It was a nice touch that the minister asked all the couples to introduce themselves and how they met. We were married the least amount of time, my friend will be celebrating her 20th anniversary this year (and she even wore her bridal veil), and another couple were celebrating their 36th! Heard some classic OU-kind of stories. Greenery, anyone?

Bridget enjoyed taking camera pics everywhere we went - especially this one of Megan and Greg on the College Green. It was just a quick down-and-back day trip and was the perfect length!

Today's guilty pleasure: Donkey Coffee, Burrito Buggy, DP Dough's, and the CI. Good stuff!


  1. I'd give my right leg (bc damn if that knee isn't giving out) for the triple combo of CI, DP Dough & Burrito Buggy!

  2. awwwww..... and you all dressed up so nice! I checked into your blog a couple times this weekend looking for this post as I think it is awesome that you did this (and wanted to see if you dressed up goofy too :)

  3. what a fun trip! and what a beautiful family! miss you guys!