Monday, April 4, 2011

These Times They Are a Changin'

While at Ohio University on Saturday, we made a quick trip to Meg's old Elementary school. She loved this place and I credit it for making her an open-minded individual. For two weeks during Kindergarten, they studied about diversity. To learn the alphabet, they had a different food each day starting with the day's letter. She ate hummus, turnips, and kimbop (korean). Amazing school. At my insistence and her excitement, we took a picture of her in the same spot as her first day of kindergarten. Wow - time is flying way too fast!

Today's guilty pleasure: Party of Five. Neve Campbell is on the cover of Health magazine and it reminded me how much I loved that depressing, brooding show. Even after Matthew Fox was on Lost, I still called him Charlie (drove my husband nuts). And because Jennifer Love Hewitt (Sarah) was such a bitch to Bailey, I cannot stand watching her on TV to this day. I loved Claudia in Mean Girls. But whatever happened to Owen?

Did you have a favorite 90s show that was your guilty pleasure?


  1. very cool!

    Party of Five was awesome. Yes, I watched Melrose Place too but I try to keep that quiet ....

  2. Ahh Melrose Place! Who didn't love Amanda and her incredibly short skirts in the workplace!