Thursday, April 28, 2011

Riding Around Northern Ohio

On a recent library trip, I checked out Pedaling to Lunch: Bike Rides and Bites in Northeast Ohio by Stan Purdum. In his book, Purdum outlines 20 different rides for all levels of cyclists as well as lunch recommendations. No chain restaurants, just places with local flavor. I was surprised to learn that Greg and I have already tackled a couple of his recommended routes and I'm looking forward to a couple more. 

Three of the rides I'd like to tackle this summer include:

Ride 1: Fairport Harbor to Geneva-on-the-Lake. The recommended route is 54 miles long and is “relatively flat” (right….). Purdam recommends the Sunrise CafĂ©, but I think I might want to try the Flying Burrito Cantina. Uhmm, on second thought, burritos coupled with a long ride might not be a good combination!

Ride 2 (but his Ride 18): Strasburg to Baltic Loop in Tuscarawas and Holmes Counties. The route is 39 miles and categorized as “relatively flat to hilly.” I liked the points of interest Purdum included – Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Ragersville Cheese Factory and Broad Run Cheese House. This is a shorter ride with great Ohio scenery.

Ride 3 (his Ride 11): Clinton to Sterling Loop covering Summit and Wayne Counties. The route is 34 miles and flat to hilly. The major point of interest is Rogues’ Hollow. According to Purdum, the Famous Seven of Rogues’ Hollow are Walsh’s Saloon, Mrs. Ducey’s Saloon, The Liebert Saloon, The Hole-in-the-Wall Saloon (also known as Devil’s Den), Murray Saloon, The Jenkins Saloon, and Smith Saloon. Best of all, this area in the 1860s and 1870s was “known and feared as a hangout for rascals and scoundrels.” The eating joint recommended is Bradley’s for the Bradley Burger and Burger Fries.

Pedaling to Lunch includes great little tidbits of Northeastern Ohio history found in the columns called "Changing Gears", historical pictures, course maps and course descriptions (turn-by-turn) as well as plenty of food offerings for even the pickiest of eaters.

So do you have a favorite route you like to ride? Do you stop off at a neat place - like an old ice cream shop or a little burger joint?

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