Saturday, April 9, 2011

Race Report - Yes, A Race Report!

I can't believe it, but I spontaneously committed to a 5k race. At the request of a coworker, I registered Thursday night and then ran the Run to the Beach 5k at Portage Lakes this morning. What a fun race and great way to knock out 3.1 miles on a Saturday morning. The race was a nice split between road and trail, both single track and a bridle trail size. I wasn't sure how I would fare or what to expect since I haven't tackled a race since rehabbing the knee, but I was happy with this morning's results! I finished in 30:42 (a 9:54 pace) with no knee pain!

The course was outstanding with wonderful views of the lake. Finish line was amazingly well stocked with goodies. The race shirt is the brightest "highlighter yellow" shade I've ever known, but cool nonetheless. Temps were a bit chilly, with rainy drizzle all morning, but I'll take that over snow and extreme heat. Overall, great morning and a nice way to kick off racing season!

Today's guilty pleasure: Coming home to see Bridget playing with her Barbies and Ken. All of five of them were either in plank position or downward dog. Hysterical! She told me that even boys do yoga. Hear that, Nitmos? That's my little yogi.

Even though I consider the Cleveland Metroparks simply wonderful, I have to say I enjoyed Portage Lakes. Do you have a favorite park that you enjoy running - trails or multipurpose path?

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  1. That's much more sweet and innocent than what I used to make my Barbies and Kens do. Congrats on the 5k!