Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of Biking - Week One

The first week of 30 Days of Biking ended on a good note. Between April 1-8 (Easter), I managed to get in 5 days of riding - interrupted only by working till dark one night and a meltdown by a nap-deprived 5-year-old on the other day. Not bad. And best of all, I've had so much fun becoming friends with my hybrid again. So here's my first week of this 30 Days of Biking challenge in pictures. As you can see, I co-opted the whole family into this challenge. One point to Robin!

Day 1 and it was chilly at 36 degrees. I had to bundle up with gloves and a down jacket for a quick ride down the street. Where did those summer temps go from last week?!

Day 2 didn't feel any warmer, but I managed to at least increase my mileage to a full mile. Watch out Schleck brothers, with training like this, I'm sure to win any race!

Day 3 included a trip to Starbucks with Megan for a piping hot green tea. She would never admit that she's enjoying this and voluntarily wanted to be a part of the challenge. 2 miles completed. I can feel the burn, wait...that's just me getting acclimated to the seat!

Skipped Day 4 due to work commitments, but managed to get the youngest daughter to join me on Day 5 for a nightime ride around the block.

Day 6 was the best riding day yet. I had the day off and managed to work in a 3 mile run AND a 6 mile bike ride. Very cold and windy on the ride, but just look at how blue the sky was - I just HAD to be out there!

Didn't get in a ride on Day 7, but Greg powered up the old Trek with the trailer attached and I joined on my Giant hybrid for Day 8 (Easter Sunday) and we tooled around the town, checking out houses and just enjoying the spring temps while knocking out 3 miles.

13 miles completed during week one. It's not too late to join in the challenge!

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  1. Nice work!! I have tried to get in the habit of riding my bike once a week...yeah...I guess I have to actually do it to make it a habit.