Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Miles of Nowhere

It's official. I managed to snag one of the 500 slots for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. I enjoyed this event last year, for the first time, with my friend, Karen. She and I spent 3 hours spinning our way to 50 miles on Mother's Day. We figured 50 times 2 equals 100 so problem solved! This year, I think, I'll bike the Emerald Necklace here in Northern Ohio...or at least portions of it over a 2-day period. Maybe I'll talk my family into meeting me for a snack and lunch at the "finish line." Lots of possibilities!

Thanks, Fatcyclist, Twin Six, Banjo Brothers and Specialized for hosting another wonderful event!


  1. yay! I got in too! here's to doing some of this together again this year! My lower half is still MAD at me so I am thinking of 100 x 100 in the pool as my official 'going nowhere' event though....I have never done that dreaded workout before....

  2. You are so brave to do 100x100! I have to admit I've been enjoying biking more and keeping my running to smaller events (and hence, fewer miles). All body parts are thankful!