Tuesday, April 3, 2012

COSI, 5k and Visit with My Sister

Saturday was an action-packed day with a 2+ hour drive down to Columbus, a 5k race, a few hours spent at COSI, a wonderful lunch, then another 2+ hour drive back to Cleveland. Phew, I sure was tired!

The morning began with a 5k race sponsored by Premier Racing. The race started and finished at COSI with an option of completing the 5k, 10k or 15k, you determine the number of loops you're up for. Such a fun concept. I opted for the 5k distance - not too long and not too short considering I just started back to running regularly the beginning of March. The course had rolling hills and featured a nice run along the Scioto River with periodic views of the Columbus skyline. The start began pretty close on time and had a nice compliment of post-race goodies with water, bananas and oranges as well as chocolate milk from the Creamery. The tech tee was pretty cool as well and I'll even wear it (bonus!). Best of all, for everyone signing up for both runs (3/30 and 4/22), you get a Brooks running jacket. You can see the guy wearing it in the picture below. I finished in 31:47, which was a big improvement from the St. Patrick's Day run. Not bad - in the 10:13 ballpark - I'll take it!

I don't have a sour look on my face - honest! My sister snapped the picture as I was listening to Bridget's story about the best chocolate milk :)

After the race, I ran back to the car to slide into my warm yoga pants and off we dashed to COSI. Love that place. Bridget got to explore all the great little areas, which encourages kids to touch everything. She went into a submarine, hula hooped in Progress Town, and enjoyed tactile overload offered in the Kidspace. Awesome time!

Bridget and Megan playing around with robot helmets at the COSI gift shop - so cute!

If you look closely in the top right of this picture, you'll see that Bridget, Megan and their cousin Zack were posing like the restroom sign. Such jokesters!

Bridget enjoying the water play area in the Kidspace.

After all that fun at COSI, we were famished! With Spaghetti Warehouse next door, and the fact that Megan and Bridget love plain pasta, I knew it was going to be a win-win for lunch. Being so tired from the 5:30am wake-up call, the 2+ hour drive, completing a 5k, then walking for 3 hours at COSI, I completely lost my mind when ordering and ordered Bridget buttered popcorn instead of butter pasta! Phew, this was going to be a long drive back!

I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone and we had a great day! Thanks, Aunt Angie!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome fun day!! Great job on the 5k and all the other fun stuff you did with your favorite ladies.