Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Introducing Bridget to Harry Potter

It was time. Bridget had turned 5, so it was time to introduce her to the magical world of Harry Potter. I started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Megan in 1998. I can still see her sitting on the arm of my oversized red plaid chair, slowly sliding into my lap as she was getting tired, but refusing to be too tired to hear the rest of each night's chapter. We have introduced Bridget to Hagrid, Dumbledore, Harry, Ron and Hermione. She already doesn't like Draco Malfoy and knows from last night's chapter on The Potions Master that Snape is a bad guy. Bridget knows that the smart kids are in Ravenclaw, but the brave kids are in Gryffindor. She hasn't tried Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, but I'll find someplace online and order them.

What a magical world J.K. Rowling welcomed us into! Megan has been sitting on the bed while I read the night's chapter to Bridget and we've so enjoyed this time. I love introducing B to HP, but I sure am going to miss my little pumpkin when she dashes off to college. But hey, we'll just Facetime or Skype her and read every night. Greg, does AT&T have a plan for that?!


  1. Harry Potter is such a part of our family too! Love that you all are getting to revisit with B! Such special times - you have such wonderful girls!!!

  2. Awwe sounds like a great way to end each day!