Monday, April 16, 2012

30 Days of Biking - Week Two

Week 2 is working out nicely. Started off Monday with Bridget asking me where we'll be biking today. I love it. She asked if we'd be going around the neighborhood or in the Metroparks. I think I'm doing something right as a parent when my kid wants to have mommy time by riding with me. Swoon!

Day 9 was another chilly ride. It sure didn't feel like 52 degrees! Bridget tackled a full mile - Yay, Bridget!

Day 13 was spent riding 12 miles around Fort Collins on a fixie! So proud of Bridget for riding like a champ on her first time on a tag-a-long and kudos for Greg for towing the extra weight on a fixie!

Got home from the airport kind of late so we had to settle for one mile bike ride around the neighborhood at dusk.

Didn't bike everyday this week due to a couple long days of traveling during the week, but will be more consistent during week three!

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