Friday, April 27, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Week 3

This 30 days of Biking thing is still fun and exciting, but 30 days in cold Cleveland with work commitments, dinner to fix, and night falling within 2 hours of me getting home has made biking EVERY day not exactly easy. But we're still hanging in there!

Late night, 6-mile ride just as dusk was falling. It was such a cool picture to take of the traffic lights and overhead road lights.

I kind of cheated on Day 18 by taking a quick spin around the block after fixing dinner. I was too tired to take a long ride and knew it would be dark soon, so I hopped on the bike while Meg took this picture as proof. I'm wearing my new Terry Cycling dress that I bought as part of their Terry Mondays special. Love the comfort of the dress!

Day 20 was probably my favorite long ride so far - although, I only biked 9 miles. I took a ride during my lunch through the Metroparks and wandered along a new path/direction toward the Toboggan Chutes. I came across this great scene of Canadian Geese nesting. My picture doesn't do the scene justice as there were at least 20 ducks nesting throughout the large grassy area. Great stress relief to take a midday ride!

Total week 3 miles: 15.5 miles

Total April cycling miles: 42.5 miles

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  1. Ha! Love the boots. Are those official cycling gear?