Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today Was Full of Awesome

What a fantastic, fun-filled day in the 216.

We got up bright and early to run a race. Yes, we. Bridget ran her first 1 mile race at the Bay Snoball Run. She actually wanted to run this race because they put Duck tape in each goodie bag. Go figure! Duck tape. And it was the coolest of cool. Each participant received Duck-brand tape with bright colored peace signs. As if that wasn't enough, she got her very own race shirt AND a coupon for a free scoop of Mitchell's ice cream. Ladies and gentlemen, the little lady is hooked on racing now.

How do you top such a wonderful day? Well, for me, I ran back home (B went back with Greg via car), which was a lovely way to squeeze in an extra 5.5 miles. Awesome!

Rest afterwards? No way. We decided since we didn't have anything planned for the afternoon, we'd make a trip out to Chagrin Falls. A little browsing and a trip to sample Jeni's ice cream made the afternoon...dare I say, AWESOME!

Here's to hoping you, too, had an awesome day!

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