Thursday, February 7, 2013

Travel Thursday: Suitcase Struggles

I can't find the RIGHT suitcase.  I've tried...oh, how I've tried.  I've spent bunches and oodles of money hoping that the *next* one would be the *right* one.  I found a fantastic backpack at Target that is perfect for weekend trips.  It's ideal for weekend races in which I'm flying to the destination because it fits in the overhead bins on an Embraer as well as under the seat.  But it's the week-long trips that I'm struggling.  I have purchased at least 3 additional bags and dislike them all.

One bag was considered the top pick on ebags and came with rave reviews.  However, it's really rather uncomfortable when carried. It can be worn as a backpack (yeah, right, if you're a giant).  It came with a handle, but no shoulder strap (I missed that important detail when ordering).  It can't be wheeled.

I bought one suitcase on clearance for $49 and it's ok...but, just ok. And it just feels like a rectangle...a big, inflexible rectangle.

I bought my husband a Tumi carry-on, but when I tried it on a recent 4-day trip, it was the heaviest darn thing when loaded with clothes.  I struggled to pick it up and put it in the overhead bins.

I think I have better success with shoes than I do suitcases.

Do you have a go-to bag that you love?

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