Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Disney on Ice wth My Little Princess

Since both Bridget and I had the day off Monday in honor of the Martin Luther King holiday, we were lucky enough to sneak in the final afternoon performance of Disney on Ice: Rockin Ever After. So much fun!

One of my pet peeves, though, was looking around and seeing so many parents on Facebook DURING the performance. Come on, parents! It's one and a half hours. You get a break called Intermission, if you have pressing correspondence. But don't light up my area with your need to read someone's status update when we have a talented and exciting performance to view instead. Ariel, Merida, Rapunzel and Belle, as well as your children, would appreciate your undivided attention.

Seriously, isn't ice skating just beautiful to watch?! We both dressed up, faced the bitter cold and terrible downtown Cleveland winds head on, and made a fun afternoon out of our day!

UPDATE ON THE SOUP: I substituted a 3-bean can mix and it was amazing! This may have been one of the best bowls of chili I've had. And it was perfect for these freezing temps. Yum!

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