Thursday, January 24, 2013

Travel Thursday: Three Great Travel Apps

Tackling so many states in the past five years requires a great deal of travel. When we first started, it required regular visits on our home computer to Expedia to compare air fares or hotel rates, as well as going to MapQuest to print out directions. Thank goodness for the iPhone! With Greg traveling as much as he does for work, and me trying to make Silver status on United another year, travel apps have come in handy on each and every trip. Three favorite ones are:

1. Organizing --> TripIt. By emailing my hotel, air, car rental reservation, I can give up the manilla folder. They will organize all your reservations into one itinerary, as well as adding weather, maps and directions for your destination. Pretty cool.

2. Food --> Yelp!. I seriously love this app. No matter where we are, I pull this baby out and can immediately find exactly what we want. Today, I used it for ice cream. Sadly, Honey Hut was closed for the season! Since Greg and I are often looking for either a really good microbrew or a great little asian restaurant, Yelp! has come in handy.

3. Lodging --> HotelTonight. Although I have not used this app yet, I have downloaded it because it's highly recommended on all the travel sites I frequent. Last year, we were stranded in Newark overnight and I don't wish that on my worst enemy. I would have given the world for this app. It's in most major cities and shows steep discounts for same day travel plans. So if you get stranded at a hotel and need a room that night or right away, this is the app for you. Or, if you sometimes travel like we do, and just wing it, HotelTonight will provide us with a deep discount when we do decide to settle down for the night.

Happy travels!

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