Thursday, January 17, 2013

Travel Thursday: It's the Little Things

I recently read a good article from one of the travel sites I follow - I wish I could remember where, but one of the tips intrigued me. It was recommended that, when traveling, you carry $5 gift cards to give to passengers for their inconveniences, such as when you ask someone to switch seats with you so you could sit with all your family or your travel mate.

While Greg and I were discussing this, we differed a bit on the views. For example, we always try our best to never inconvenience others because traveling is tight and cramped and, quite honestly, why add to the misery of it all. When we have asked someone to switch seats, it usually resulted in giving them the better (closer to the front of the plane) seat, and we never asked someone to give up their aisle or window seat for a middle seat. But I argued that if people were kinder, and maybe did reward others for doing somethink kind in return, then maybe it would help make the cattle call of traveling a little more bearable.

What do you think?

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