Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nike+Fuel Band Update

Just a little snapshot of last week's activity. I wasn't as active as I *should* have been, as you can see, I still logged in 27,996 steps or 11.5 miles in 5 days of activity. Being able to see my progress has made me become more active this week and, wow, did I really need that!

I'm also learning what gets logged and what somehow doesn't get logged as much. Running on the treadmill does not have the same results as forward motion running on pavement. Also, I enjoyed an hour of Hot Powerful Yoga this week, a very exhausting class/practice, and yet the Nike+Fuel Band credited me with less than 100 fuel points. I was pretty bummed about an hour of intense activity not scoring many points, but I also realized that I was mentally and physically in a better place after yoga, so it's all good.

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