Thursday, January 10, 2013

Travel Thursday: 3 Packing Essentials

One of the major elements of this blog is traveling. In order to tackle all 50 states, one must travel - either my car, plane, subway, get the picture. All four of us, yes even Bridget, have really become efficient at packing a suitcase. So I thought it would be cool to share some of the lessons we've learned, either through the advice of others or by learning the lesson the hard way!

1. Pack a hat. Hats are great for bad hair days, keeping the sun off of you, or just adding flair to an otherwise boring outfit!

2. Pack healthy snacks for everyone. I usually have a Kind bar, a small baggie of almonds, or twizzlers for Bridget. Something good to nosh on, but not something that will add bloating or pounds.

3. Pack dryer sheets. They make your clothes smell fresh and help make your dirty clothes on the return trip smell less funky. Huge help on those long treks!

Three simple things to aid in making trips fun!


  1. Good pointers. Packing is an art form unto itself.

  2. Already a big fan of the first two but never thought of dryer sheets! I always toss in a deck of cards and gallon size ziplocs :)