Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Trip to Phoenix

Earlier this month, we all loaded up in a United plane and traveled off to the land of warmth, sunshine and no snow. While I do love my town, it is always a nice break to get away from the cold and see how the other half of the U.S. lives.

The best part of this trip was seeing how much the new generation of "cousins" enjoyed themselves. We spent an afternoon at miniature golf. I started out doing really well with a couple hole-in-one efforts, but I peaked too early, and it was all downhill after that! The kids enjoyed themselves and, fortunately, no one kept score! *phew*

During one afternoon, we wandered around the downtown campus area of Arizona State University. Meg found herself a nice top, we enjoyed some really yummy tacos, and Bridget piled up on candy at the Candy Addict. But the best part was stumbling across a wonderful independent coffee house - the Cartel. Seriously. Best. Latte. Foam. Ever!

One wall was nothing but bicycle spokes/tires. Great looking art. The music was inviting and Meg and I commented on how we could easily kick back, drink coffee, read and waste away an afternoon in this joint.

The most fun, I think, was when the kids just got to hang out at Aunt Kim's house and be kids. We heard lots of giggling, they ran around like banshees, and tried beating each other and Uncle Greg at Mario Kart. Great fun!

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