Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here's to a wonderful 2013 ****

Last year, Pumpkin and I rung in the new year with our first ever Polar Bear Plunge sponsored by the Cleveland Triathlon Club. And this year, Polar Bear Bear Plunge for us! The Lake Erie water temps were hovering in the low 40s, which is even cold for our neck of the woods this time of the year. So we passed - phew! I don't know who felt more relieved - Megan or me?!

Am I pondering any resolutions for this year? Nope. Except, I do hope to beat Megan in all the Dance series on xBox Kinect. At least that's my goal.

Borrowing from Karen's challenge two or three years ago, I am going to make a serious attempt to blog more, maybe even every day. I've laid out a template to follow for January - let's hope I can keep it up in February. I am a bit like Doug in Up! The mention of squirrel and I change subjects, losing all concentration. But I do like chronicling little stories about my daughters as well as the ups and downs of training for races, running, biking and even swimming (which I seriously would like to do more!).

Cheers to a happy and fit new year to you and yours!

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