Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Power Yoga Moves

Just returned from a short, little family trip to Phoenix to visit the relatives in the land of sunshine. We had a weekend of wonderful conversation, delicious food and a killer workout. Kim, Megan and I took a Power Yoga class at her gym. Let me tell you, there was no power left in this body after the class was finished! The best part, though, is that I took away a few helpful moves that I can easily incorporate into my 3x/week strength training that I've been doing. My favorite power yoga moves were:

1. While in plank position, we did jumping jacks. Amazing how hard this was, yet will make such an impact on my weak core.

2. The second killer move was also in plank positon, then you twist your right hip to touch the floor, move back into center plank position, then left hip twists to touch the floor. I collapsed on the first one, but kept giving it a try. I'm kind of excited to see how much I can improve over the next several weeks.

3. My third favorite take-away move was a variation of lunge. Hold the lunge position for 5 breaths, then do 20 knee lifts bringing the arms down to meet the knees, then move back into lunge for 5 breaths. I couldn't believe how much my thighs hated me!

Do you have a favorite strength training move you'd like to share?

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